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Day 8

Know Your Commander In Chief

Today’s Scripture

Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered… 

Psalm 68:1

IT IS INTERESTING to listen to how some Christians talk. You may hear them talking about what the devil did to them, how they got really mad at the devil and how they spent a whole night rebuking the devil. Such Christians may also go around town telling people what the devil has been telling them, but you don’t really hear them talking about what the Lord has been telling them. Guess what? They are tuned in to the wrong frequency!


The best warfare to engage in is to magnify the Lord Jesus in your life.



Instead of magnifying Jesus and His presence and being conscious of Him, they are magnifying the devil and being more devil-conscious than Jesus-conscious. It’s really sad! They are always talking about warfare and the devil. Do you know that the best warfare to engage in is to magnify the Lord Jesus in your life? The Bible declares, “Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered…” Amen! 


Recently, I had a conversation with a medical doctor about spiritual warfare. She said to me, “When there is a condition in your body, you must know what the correct medical name for it is so that you can pray against it accurately.” Then, she told me somewhat smugly, “As someone who’s been in the army, you should know this: The most important military strategy is to know your enemy.” 


I smiled at her and said, “Actually, I believe that the most important military strategy is not to know your enemy, but to know your commander in chief and his directives for you.” 


My friend, do you know your commander in chief, Jesus Christ? Do you know with full assurance that His presence and unmerited favor are with you? Start practicing the presence of Jesus in your life today, and see what a difference He will bring to your situation!

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Today’s Prayer

Lord Jesus, I want to experience a closer walk with You. I want to know You more intimately and be conscious of Your presence and unmerited favor in my life. Help me understand Your plans and purposes for me so that I may be wise in how I spend my days.

Today’s Thought

I will be Jesus-conscious, not devil-conscious.

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