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Day 2

God Is Not Present To Find Fault With You

Today’s Scripture

In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.

Proverbs 3:6 

SOMETHING VERY UNIQUE and precious happens when you see that the Lord is with you. Trust the Lord to open your eyes to see Him in your situation, and the more you see Him, the more He manifests Himself. If you are in the midst of committing to an important business agreement, I assure you that if you can see the Lord there with you, His wisdom will flow through you, and He will give you supernatural insight to locate any loopholes, details or exit clauses that are missing from that contract that you are about to sign.


God’s presence is with you to direct you, guide you, lead you into becoming more like Christ, and to make you a success in every endeavor you undertake.



Once you involve Jesus and acknowledge His presence, you will sense Him intervening in any decision you are about to make, through the absence or presence of His peace. Sometimes, everything can appear to be in order on the surface, but somehow, you may sense a discomfort rising up in you every time you think about your decision. My advice to you would be to not rush into it. You see, once you have involved the Lord, the lack of peace that you feel is often His leading to protect you. You can even be in the midst of an argument with your spouse, but the moment you become conscious of the Lord’s presence, your words will change. Somehow, there will be a supernatural restraint that you know is not from yourself. That is also the Lord! 


Beloved, it is important for you to eradicate the notion that the Lord is present to find fault with you. You may have been raised in an environment where your parents were constantly picking on your faults and pointing out your mistakes, but don’t project this characteristic onto the Lord. God knows every idiosyncrasy about you, yet He loves you perfectly because He sees you through the lens of the cross, where His Son has removed every failing from your life. This means that even your current argument with your spouse is washed by the blood of Jesus. 


The Lord’s presence is with you not to judge you or smack you on the head with a giant bat the moment you fail. No, my friend, His presence is with you to direct you, guide you, lead you into becoming more like Christ, and to make you a success in every endeavor you undertake.

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Today’s Prayer

Lord Jesus, I am so glad to know that You are with me not to find fault with me, but to encourage me, guide me and help me experience good success. Help me to always involve You and acknowledge Your presence in whatever decision I am making. Today, I look forward to seeing Your presence manifesting as supernatural wisdom and discernment in me to do what is right and full of life.

Today’s Thought

God knows all my idiosyncrasies and weaknesses, yet He doesn’t condemn me but loves me perfectly because of Jesus.

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