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2. Faithfulness

I love this part and I believe it is one of the challenges for all of us that start a new project and want to see our dream come true. The perfect translation for faithfulness is constancy and for constancy is DON’T GIVE UP!

A while ago I learned that champions are not those that never make mistakes but those that never give up, and I know that you were created for more, you are a champion so get up! Do you know how many times a little boy between the first 8 to 12 months of life falls down before he can stand up by himself? A lot of times, right? And what I love about kids is that they never give up and that is why you and me walk today. What I want to tell you is that if you make a mistake, if you fall, if a door closes in front of you, it is ok and part of the process.   

"Tension doesn't get resolved, but administrated."

Remember this: A failure can be the trampoline to success, the key is to be like a kid: stand up, learn, keep trying and move forward. One time I read a note from Bill Gates that stuck to my mind: “It is good to celebrate the successes, but it is better to pay attention to the lessons we learn from our  failures.” My note would be: “God is an expert in turning the failures into opportunities.” It is not about what you have when you start but who you have, and you have Jesus on your side. Your dream is God’s dream.

A lot of times beginnings are not easy, they are exhausting, frustrating and full of tension even. But let me tell you something about tension and episodes like this one: tension doesn’t get resolved but administrated. Tension is important and necessary to build big and strong things. Civil engineers know this better than I do, you need tension to build a big and strong building right from the foundation. So if you go through moments of tension and frustration don’t try to solve them, just leave them to God, trust Him, and move forward.

When we talk about constancy we talk about being faithful. Jesus is pretty clear about faithfulness, specially about being faithful in the small things. God is always interested about your growth and that you bear fruit. And like any growth, there are stages and the beginning stage is the most important one. Being faithful in the small things means to not underestimate the small beginnings. This is another biblical principle about beginnings and it shows us how God is so interested in those first steps we take when walking towards a dream, and wants to work with you en this season. 

Be faithful in this process called beginning, because remember being faithful is not about feelings but about decisions and honor. I encourage you to be constant in this stage and to honor that dream God placed in your heart because once again: Your dream is God’s dream.

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