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What is the purpose of this fasting?

Fasting is a time of preparation. The purpose of this fasting is that you can get closer to God and receive something fresh from Him.


Fasting allows us to celebrate the goodness and grace of God in our lives and at the same time prepare our hearts for what's to come.


In this time of fasting, we encourage you to seek God in prayer and let the Holy Spirit guide you to what happens next.

Types of fasting

Remember, your personal fasting has to present some sort of challenge for you. But it is important to know your body, your options and mostly to seek God's presence and follow where the Holy Spirit leads you to.

Complete fasting

Only consume liquids, typically water and light juices

Selective fasting

We remove certain elements from our daily diet. An example is Daniel's fasting, where we consume only water and juices as liquids, fruits and vegetables as solids. You pick which elements you want to avoid.

Parcial fasting

We stop eating any kind of food morning and/or afternoon. We can pick times where we won't eat anything like from 6am to 3pm, from 6am to 6pm, from sunrise to sunset, etc.

Soul fasting

This is a great option i you don't have much experience with food fasting, you have health issues that don't allow you to fast food or if you want to re focus certain areas of your life that you feel are out of balance. For example, you can pick to stop using social media or watch TV during the length of the fasting. And when it ends, to go back to them in healthy doses for you. In exchange of this time, read a christian book or listen to a podcast / old preachings that edify your life.

3 things for you

These are things you need to keep in  mind in your daily reading

1. The Word

Take time to pray and to allow God to speak to your life. When you are done, look for the verse or verses that were a highlight for you and write them down in a notebook.

2. Aplication

Personalize what you just read by asking yourself how you can apply this to your life. Maybe it;s an instruction, a word of encouragement or correction for certain areas in your life. Write down how that word can be applied in your life today.

3. Prayer

This can be as simple as asking God to use what you just read to reveal something into your life. Follow the daily prayer guide but don't just read the prayer, put it in your own words. Have a conversation with God about it, He will reveal something to you.

Recommendations for your time of fasting and prayer

Commit. Decide what fasting you are going to pick, what physical or social activities you'll stop doing and how long you'll give this fasting daily.

Prepare yourself spiritually and physically. Prepare your heart and your body for a fasting time. Don't rush things.

Set aside a time in your daily calendar and a place with no distractions so you   can deepen in the word of God.

Pray first. Ask God for revelation and clarity.

Write down what God is revealing to you and share it with someone.

Listen to Christian music. Your spirit will be more sensitive to God. Take           advantage of the time you have while doing your daily chores to listen to music that edifies you and keeps you connected to God.

Finish your fasting gradually. Don't go back to our daily diet at once.


Expect results! When we really seek God and set aside a special time like this one, we are more conscious and more sensitive to God's presence. We will     feel renovated physically, mentally and spiritually. We will also see the answer   to our prayers!



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